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Infantile Colic

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You’re a new parent, feeling amazed and joyful about the new life you have just brought into the world. The nursery is all set; friends and family members have given you a pretty good start with some of the necessary newborn items. Everyone has given you their parenting advice, some good, some bizarre. Then it happens – your baby never seems to stop crying. You’ve checked the diaper multiple times, you’ve fixed another bottle, you’ve even tried burping and rocking the baby for longer periods of time, all to no avail.

You seek advice from your pediatrician and the diagnosis of colic is made. You panic; Aunt Millie said Cousin Johnny cried for six months straight. So what is colic? Colic is distressing, uncontrollable crying lasting several hours in an otherwise healthy infant when all of the infant’s physiologic needs have been met. It most commonly develops within the first four weeks of life and may persist for months.

Over the past 100 years, there have been anecdotal stories of infants receiving chiropractic adjustments with their colic disappearing. Research over the past two decades is now showing that indeed chiropractic adjustments for spinal subluxations (the term for abnormal spinal joint function) produce amazing results in a high percentage of colicky infants (90-94 percent, depending on which study you read). While the exact mechanism is not fully understood, what has been identified is that abnormal spinal joint function in the neck or upper back irritates the stomatogastric reflex of the autonomic nervous system. This irritation seems to cause agitation, irritability, and sometimes stomach upset. Through a specialized pediatric examination, focusing on spinal function, it may be determined if your colicky infant can benefit from chiropractic care.

Spinal adjustments for infants are safe. They are modified, usually using just a fingertip, with very little pressure. The results can be dramatic and quick. Correcting the cause of your infant’s colic not only brings relief to the baby, but also to the family. If this sounds familiar to you, call our office today and schedule an appointment to have your baby checked.

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