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Over the past few years I have written columns about what a subluxation is and what conditions it may cause, but I have never written about what causes a subluxation. A vertebral subluxation is the abnormal alignment and/or abnormal function of two or more adjacent vertebrae which irritates the associated nerve roots and may influence organ system function and general health.

When people think of seeing a chiropractor, most people think in terms of getting relief for a problem created by the physical cause of subluxation. They have either been involved in a trauma, like a sports injury, a car accident; they’ve lifted something incorrectly, maintained a bad posture for a period of time, or slept wrong. Something they have done has caused their spine to lose its proper alignment, causing the spinal joints to not function right, stressing the nerve roots, and resulting in some type of pain.

Some people even understand that if they’ve “stressed themselves out,” that chiropractic care may be able to help them. Stress is a nonspecific reaction of tension throughout the entire body, with the focal point located at your individual “weak link.” You can take three people, put them in the same stressful situation, and they may all respond differently. One person may develop a headache, another may develop stomach trouble, and another may have asthma symptoms. Everyone responds based on where their weak link is located. This pathway has become commonly referred to as a Psychosomatic reflex (a thought produces a nervous system reflex into the musculoskeletal system or organ system).

One major cause often overlooked by patient and doctor alike is the chemical cause of subluxation- ingestion, inhalation, or absorption through the skin of a substance your body considers to be toxic. I have seen patients come to my office with the reappearance of a subluxation pattern that was caused by the polyester pajamas that the person slept in, and from the inhalation of mold spores that were spread by the air conditioning system because the drip grate on the humidifier was never changed. These types of stresses set up Viserosomatic reflexes. (An organ that is stressed creates a nervous system reflex into the musculoskeletal system.)

A thorough chiropractic examination, specifically designed to analyze for a subluxation, can get you on the path to improved health. Understanding what caused your subluxation will bring about a more lasting correction.

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