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Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

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Women with premenstrual syndrome (PMS) are more likely to have spinal dysfunction, compared with PMS-free women, according to a paper published in the Journal of Manipulative Physiologic Therapeutics. Investigators examined 54 women with PMS and 30 women without PMS. All subjects were evaluated for 12 parameters of spinal dysfunction. The PMS sufferers had a statistically higher number of positive indexes as compared to the control group who were not sufferers of PMS. The significant findings were for back tenderness, low back muscle weakness, and the neck disability index.

The report concluded that “A relatively high incidence of spinal dysfunction (what is termed subluxation by chiropractors) exists in PMS sufferers compared with a comparable group of non-PMS sufferers. This is suggestive that the spinal dysfunction could be a causative factor in PMS and that chiropractic manipulative therapy may offer an alternative therapeutic approach to PMS sufferers.” After reading the preceding information your next question may be, “What exactly is a subluxation and how can it cause an organic condition like PMS?”

Subluxation is the scientific term for the condition in which one or more spinal bones (vertebrae) lose their alignment, interfering with their ability to move correctly. This inability to move correctly may then cause irritation to the surrounding ligaments, tendons, muscle, and adjacent nerve roots. If the nerve roots adjacent to the malpositioned vertebrae become irritated, the tissues at the end of the nerve will not function properly. In this case, it is the tissues of the female organs involved with reproduction. By removing the subluxation with gentle, specific adjustments, the spinal joints will function better, allowing the nerves better communication between the brain and the end organ.

Clinical experience shows that PMS sufferers experience tremendous benefits from chiropractic adjustments. Research is proving what has been seen in chiropractic offices for decades.

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