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Pregnancy Back Pain

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A team of doctors in Milano, Italy published a paper concerning the effects of spinal stress as a result of pregnancy. It was a study performed in cooperation between the Farnaroli Hospital of Magenta and the Static Chiropractic Clinic.

For many years chiropractors have been helping pregnant women through their pregnancies and also after delivery. By adjusting (specific manipulation) the structural distortions created by pregnancy chiropractors have been able to reduce pain and discomfort. The purpose of the study was threefold: 1) to document on x-ray how pregnancy alters the spine, 2) to check such alterations after delivery and 3) to examine the ability of chiropractic to restore the alterations as well as relieve pain.

It is well known that the distention of the abdominal wall due to the presence of the baby, together with the normal hormonal secretion of relaxin, remarkably changes the orientation of the pelvis and spine of the pregnant female. These postural distortions result in alterations of proper joint motion. If the abnormal joint motion is not corrected, they are one of the main causes of pain at the involved level.

The research was composed of 200 married women ranging in age from 20 to 40 years. The women who participated in the study suffered from lower back pain primarily, but also complained of headaches, dizziness, neck pain, and upper back pain, during or immediately after pregnancy. The X-ray studies found alterations in all of the measured values, Sacral Angle, Lumbosacral Angle, and Pelvic Inclination Angle, before and after delivery. Through adjustment of the spine and rehabilitative exercise, chiropractic treatment was aimed at the restoration of the correct joint motion, along with normalization of the spinal curvature.

It was found by the co-authors, E. Mantero, MD, and L. Crispini, DC, that after a chiropractic treatment program 75 percent of the patients had benefited from the treatment. Only 10 percent were found to have no change, the remaining 15 percent were feeling better, even though they still presented disturbances. In conclusion Drs. Mantero and Crispini found that chiropractic is by far the most indicated treatment for symptoms resulting from mechanical postural alterations due to pregnancy.

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