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Do you want to be well or just feel good? Strange question? Maybe, but maybe not. There really is a difference between just feeling good and being well. I don’t have the ability to assist you along with a series of questions so that you find the answer, but I will present you with some questions and ask you to ponder them.
Is vomiting good or bad for your body (or your health)? Aside from someone who has just ingested a caustic chemical should you try to suppress a vomiting experience or should you express it? How about a fever? A cough? Are these good, positive responses of your body, or negative responses? You may say it must be negative because you feel so bad when these events happen.

You may certainly take different substances that would suppress all of these symptoms, but would this make you healthy or just feel a little better?
Believe it or not, all of these reactions are good, positive responses to something your body detects as being negative for your body’s health. Yes, a fever is good. It is a means of burning off the infection. So if this was a process that the inborn intelligence of your body created to burn off an infection, wouldn’t you want to support it instead of suppressing it? How about if you ingested a tainted piece of food – would you want to expel it from your body or keep it inside? If you suppress the expulsion of it, the bacteria can make its way deep into your body. Once deeper into your body, the negative effects could be more far-reaching. The same thing with a cough–would you want a bacterial infection to slide down your trachea, into your bronchi and lungs?

While some pill or portion may make you temporarily feel good, removing the irritating feeling of fever, suppressing vomiting or coughing, you may be interfering with the wisdom of your body, which has evolved over millions of years to heal itself. It has been documented that children who efficiently produce a fever heal quicker than those who take a fever-lowering medication. Their body burns off the infection, where those who take a fever-lowering medication linger on with low-grade fevers, staying sick longer.

Are these symptoms a sign that you are healthy or sick? Since your body evolved these mechanisms, you are actually healthy when your body expresses itself properly in this fashion. The more rapidly your body is able to detect something foreign and efficiently deal with the irritant, the healthier you are. So, for your body to function properly, you may actually not feel so good at times, but you’ll be well.


When I speak to my patients about sickness and wellness, I find one common misconception. They think that a virus or bacteria is the cause of their or their family members’ illness. Stop and think about it. Viruses and bacteria are around us all the time. If a germ makes us sick, then why isn’t everyone in the house sick simultaneously? Have you ever noticed that usually, one person seems to get sick more frequently than others, while others who live in the same house, drink the same water, breathe the same air, and eat the same food never get sick?

Here is a little analogy I think will make my point. If you have ever seen a garbage dump, undoubtedly you’ve seen rats. We can poison the dump and kill off the rats. As time goes by, the poison dissipates and shortly thereafter, if we do nothing to clean up the dump, the rats will be back.

The same is true of the human body. If your body is a dump, so to speak, it creates the environment to harbor germs, because germs are nothing but opportunists. You can swallow all the medications you want, just like the poison in the dump, but if you don’t clean up your own internal weaknesses, the germs will be back, making you sick, just like the rats eventually return to the dump.

Just treating a symptom doesn’t make you any healthier. True wellness goes beyond just feeling well. Everyone knows that in order to have a healthy lifestyle you need to eat good food, drink clean water, get some moderate exercise, and think good thoughts. What most people overlook, in my opinion, the most important is a sound nervous system. Your nervous system controls and coordinates the function of everything in your body, including the nervous system. According to Dr. Felton of the University Of Rochester School Of Medicine, if you remove the nervous system communication from the immune system, you stop the immune response.

So if the nervous system is so important to health and immune function, what can you do to ensure you have good communication between your brain and the rest of your body? Has your spine checked by a chiropractor for interference in your nervous system, which is termed a subluxation? A spinal subluxation may cause nervous system interference which can alter your body function, as well as immune function. Chiropractors are specially trained to detect this type of nerve irritation and can correct it with gentle, specific spinal adjustments.

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